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Mediversal Group is led by a team of Healthcare Experts, Management Professionals, Technologists, highly experienced Doctors and Nurses. We are aiming to build a chain of Hospitals and Health Centres in selected Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and Towns of India where healthcare service is still largely unfulfilled. The core team consists of the Best Brains of Healthcare industry and is tremendously skilled, passionate and committed.

We are planning to initiate our services in Eastern and North Eastern parts of India where Human Development Index (HDI) is still very low. Therefore, we are incorporating grass root entrepreneurs with regional sensibilities within our team in order to reach rural people by setting up multiple Primary Health Care centres in villages. We are in the process of creating a unique Hub and Spoke model for expansion of healthcare network in order to ensure healthcare service of high ethical standards imbibing trust, transparency and care as its core values.

What makes us stand out?

Clinical excellence with a human touch is our forte! We are committed to providing quality healthcare at affordable cost backed by a modern medical infrastructure and efficient system and processes. Trust, Transparency and Care are our core values which drive us day in and day out. The physical infrastructure and the professional systems in Mediversal ensure the best patient care, something that the city has been craving for a long time. We firmly believe that every patient is unique and should be treated with dignity and respect. We are proud to be very transparent in all our processes and our endeavour is to build a trusted institution!

Get treated at Mediversal Hospitals

Our flagship project got commissioned amidst the pandemic. In a short while we have had thousands of patients treated and complex medical / surgical issues solved! Our multi super specialty hospital in Kankarbagh Patna is a result of immense planning and flawless execution adhering to the best in class guidelines in the industry. Drop us a line if you have any questions or enquiries at info@mediversal.in . For appointments call 0612-3500010 / 0612-3500110 / 0612-3500111

Our team

Mediversal's team consists of highly reputed doctors, skilled paramedics and professional and trained staff. With one of the highest doctor / bed ratios across hospitals in the country, we are just obsessed with quality patient care. We do have an excellent clinical team, but at the same time we have a continuously trained team of professionals to manage all non clinical aspects of patient visits and stays. Our clinical team consists of reputed doctors across all major specialities. For more information on the specialities and doctors, please refer to the detailed patient guide section.