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Critical Care Medicine

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In general, the Critical care department is the busiest, most vital and technologically advanced area in the hospital. It is usually the backbone of any good hospital in the world. It caters to patients with severe or life- threatening illnesses and injuries that require constant care and treatment with close monitoring in order to ensure normal body functions. It is run by trained critical care physicians, nurses and physiotherapists. It has got a higher- staff- to- patient ratio and access to advanced medical equipment and resources.

Mediversal Critical Care:

Mediversal Critical Care Department is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments and gadgets which is being managed round the clock by a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced Critical care Physician, trained Nurses, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist and other supporting staff having only single goal of providing best critical care at affordable prices not only in Patna but in Bihar also.

Presently we are starting with 32 well -equipped beds where we can manage any critical patients having life- threatening conditions including Sepsis (bad infections) with multiple organ failures and severe trauma injuries. Our team is equipped to handle all kinds of medical and surgical eventualities from different specialisations. It provides standard evidence- based medicine practice and state-of-the-art patient care with promptness and compassion.

What We Treat

  • All critical beds are connected with 5 channel advanced bedside monitors with EtCO2 monitoring
  • A central monitoring system connected to all the beds for better patient monitoring and care.
  • Invasive ventilator (most advanced ventilator with latest modes) and non-invasive ventilator facilities round the clock for patient
  • HFNC (High flow nasal cannula) therapy for better respiratory support
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring system like FloTrac (EV1000) devices to see fluid responsiveness and continuous Cardiac output measurement in very critical patients besides Invasive arterial BP monitoring and central venous pressure monitoring.
  • Facilities for bedside ECHO, USG and X-Ray
  • Facilities for bedside pulmonary critical procedures like interventional Bronchoscopy etc.
  • Facilities for bedside haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and plasmapheresis.
  • Facilities for bedside Gastrointestinal procedures like endoscopy, colonoscopy etc.
  • Provisions for temporary and permanent pacemaker implantation and facility for primary angioplasty
  • The unit also contains an isolated cabin with a negative pressure gradient for infected patients.

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