Position title
Resident Medical Officer (RMO) for Critical Care and High Dependency Unit (HDU) in a Multi-Specialty Hospital

The Resident Medical Officer (RMO) for Critical Care and High Dependency Unit (HDU) is a vital role in a multi-specialty hospital setting. The RMO is responsible for providing medical care and managing patients in the critical care and HDU areas. They work closely with a team of healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality of care for patients requiring intensive monitoring and treatment.

  1. Patient Care:
    • Assess and manage critically ill patients in the critical care and HDU areas.
    • Perform initial evaluations, monitor vital signs, and provide appropriate medical interventions.
    • Administer medications, fluids, and treatments as prescribed.
    • Coordinate and collaborate with specialists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement patient care plans.
    • Perform procedures such as central line insertions, arterial line insertions, and endotracheal intubations when necessary.
    • Monitor patient progress, interpret diagnostic tests, and adjust treatment plans accordingly.
    • Respond promptly to emergencies and provide resuscitation and life-saving interventions as required.
  2. Documentation and Communication:
    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records of patients.
    • Document all assessments, interventions, and treatment plans in a timely manner.
    • Communicate effectively with the healthcare team regarding patient progress, changes in condition, and treatment updates.
    • Provide clear and concise instructions to nursing staff and other team members regarding patient care and management.
  3. Team Collaboration:
    • Collaborate with consultants, specialists, and other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive patient care.
    • Participate in multidisciplinary rounds, case discussions, and treatment planning meetings.
    • Assist in the coordination of patient transfers and handovers to other departments or units.
  4. Quality Improvement and Education:
    • Stay updated with the latest advancements in critical care and HDU practices through continued medical education.
    • Participate in quality improvement initiatives, clinical audits, and research activities.
    • Provide guidance and education to junior medical staff, nursing personnel, and other healthcare professionals.
    • Contribute to the development and implementation of protocols and guidelines for critical care and HDU management.
  • Medical degree (MBBS or equivalent) from a recognized institution.
  • Valid medical license or registration to practice.
  • Prior experience in critical care or HDU is highly desirable.
  • Strong clinical skills and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions in emergency situations.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with patients, families, and the healthcare team.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Willingness to work in rotational shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
Job Benefits
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Exposure to Multidisciplinary Care
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Exposure to Diverse Cases
  • Continuous Learning Environment
  • Job Stability

To apply, please submit your resume at careers@mediversal.in. with subject line Medical Officer for ICU & HDU.

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June 23, 2023
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