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Mediversal Institute of Orthopaedic Sciences

The mediversal institute of orthopaedic sciences is at the forefront of current orthopaedics and offers the latest in orthopaedic treatment and surgical techniques.This institute offers the enire spectrum of modern orthopaedic management which is patient specific and result oriented.

This institute has team of extremely skilled and professional surgeons with vast experience in their respective speciality.

The team provides care for each and every aspect of orthopaedics.

  1. Joint Replacement

    With the aim to restore mobility MIOS offers best Joint replacement facility in India. Our Expert surgeon perform joint replacement of Hip, knee, Shoulder, Elbow, backed with more than 20 years of experience and more than 5000 joint replacement surgeries and still counting. We use latest Computer Navigation technique to improve accuracy . This institute is proud to announce as the only center in East India to perform Cruciate Retaining Total knee Arthroplasty( Without taking out PCL ligament and minimum bone resection).We offer the best services for revision Joint replacement as well. Backed with the expert team of physiotherapist and occupational therapist we offer compassionate care to patients.
  2. Arthroscopic Surgery

    We provide all aspect of latest Ligament reconstruction of Knee and shoulder arthroscopically which include ACL,PCL,MPFLand multiligament reconstruction.
  3. Trauma and Emergency care

    We provide all aspect of trauma care 24/ 7. Our expert team is available round the clock . With experts in critical care backed with excellent cardiac and ICU infrastructure we provide best care for polytrauma patients.With expert from plastic and Vascular surgeons our expert aim at restoring anatomy and life of limb.
  4. Spine

    We have the expert to deal with all aspect of spine related problems like Disc prolapse, fracture, tumor, Infection and degenerative spinal diseases. We run specialized pain clinic for patient suffering from back pain as well.
  5. Pediatric and Orthopaedic Oncology

    We are proud to have experts dealing with every aspect of pediatric orthopedics like CTEV,CDH,SCFE, Perthes disease and other congenital anomalies. We provide reconstructive surgeries for limb deformity. We have specialized clinic for Cerebal palsy children and provide services to this crippling disorder.
  6. Limb Reconstruction

    We provide services like tendon transfer, nerve repair , nerve grafting for neglected injuries which is specially lacking in our part of india . Now you can avail all these services at MIOS.